jake shears talks to popbytes!

jake shears talks to popbytes!
September 29, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! gosh it was a crazy day for me – i actually got to do a phone interview with scissor sisters main man jake shears! it was my first real interview and oh i was so nervous – i can’t even begin to tell you! after seeing them last night in concert (jake wasn’t happy about about the venue (shrine expo in downtown LA) the sound wasn’t consistent through the entire place) but regardless of some sound issues – they rocked out for the first show of their north american tour!

it was amazing to talk with him about multiple things – including what he honestly thinks about the company FYE which is refusing to carry their new album ta-dah because of a statement about CDs being expensive – he was only speaking the truth! anyways i’ll be writing up a more in-depth piece over the weekend on both the interview & concert which i plan to post monday! man i’m still on cloud nine from having talked with jake today…he is so damn sexy and was a total sweetheart – plus he made me feel quite comfortable once our chat got going – not so bad for a first interview if i do say so myself! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!