jackie’s strength (and fashion)

jackie’s strength (and fashion)
March 20, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i just adored jackie o‘s sense of refined style & fashion – so when i heard oleg cassini her main fashion designer (and designer to many other glamour girls including joan crawford) passed away over the weekend at the very ripe age of 92 – it made me think back to those ‘camelot’ days of the elegant first lady – there hasn’t been any first lady quite like jackie…not that i remember her since popbytes wasn’t around back then but she certainly has been thought of as a huge inspired fashion icon – her fashion muse mr. cassini sure helped seal her place in fashion history…she was even wearing a cassini signature pillbox hat on that oh so fateful day (for jackie & this country) back in november ’63…

We are on the threshold of a new American elegance, thanks to Mrs Kennedy’s beauty, naturalness, understatement, exposure and symbolism.oleg cassini

…so for this week’s latest ‘monday .mp3’ i picked my favorite lady siren tori amos and a track off her ‘choirgirl hotel’ album (one o’ popbytes favorite tori albums) entitled jackie’s strength which makes references to ms. jackie o and so with the whole cassini passing…i just was implored to offer up this track for your listening pleasure – i will be back later tonight for my latest round of pop whatevers – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to tori amos sing jackie’s strength (.mp3 6.2mb)