it’s not right and it’s NOT okay!

it’s not right and it’s NOT okay!
April 10, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok i know we have all been talking about whitney & her condition for quite sometime – i guess i am just having some issues on all this – i simply can’t get my gal WH out of my mind – it’s all so sad and i just want whitney houston to be okay…right now – things are just not right – it’s so hard to sit back and watch her decline – i so want to do something – it was only seven years ago when whitney seemed to be on top of the world with her my love is your love album – that spawned a couple of amazing hits including the anthem it’s not right but it’s okay – below is an amazing remix by thunderpuss and will help you all to get your monday groove on – i just want whitney to pull through this but there is a lump in my throat that she won’t weather this storm – this all says one thing – once cracked gets a hold of you – whether yr whitney or not – it takes over! what can we do but just try and send her good vibes and wishes – we do so love you whitney – please hear our cries! pull your shit together girl! please! popbytes over & out – i will be back tonight with my latest round of pop whatevers! xxoo!

» listen to whitney houston’s it’s not right, but it’s okay (thunderpuss club remix) (.mp3 13.4mb)