it’s here! her big day…valerie cherish goes DVD!

it’s here! her big day…valerie cherish goes DVD!
August 1, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hip hip hooray!!! valerie cherish finally lands on DVD today!!! you must read this great article about the comeback that a dear fellow ms. cherish fan (aka JAM) sent me that was written up in the boston globe…then check-out an interview star lisa kudrow did with tv guide!

finally do yourself a favor and just go buy the DVD! (you can rent it too) if you haven’t caught this show yet – it’s mandatory popbytes viewing! (i posted another hilarious clip below) everything about this show was done with such great care, impeccable detail, and amazing wit…i’ve watched all the episodes a few times over and each time i discover something new – i simply cannot go on enough about this show! hopefully we will see this much beloved character pop up again someday…and gosh ms. kudrow will be robbed if she doesn’t win that emmy! popbytes over & out for now – valerie cherish forever!!!