February 21, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh woe is me – its a cold rainy day in LA – even the heavens are crying – SEX & THE CITY – ends tomorrow night! There will be a 1 hour countdown event before the final show – get your tissues ready – i dont how we will deal – except the saving grace of SIX FEET UNDER – and for any of you who never got into SIX FEET – trust me on this one – the best hour of TV – for sure – and now there is talk of a SEX movie – michael king is working the script as deals with all 4 ladies (all 4 better be there or screw it) – i have very mixed feelings on this – it could be great – but it could also be a huge letdown – everyone tread carefully here! dont fuck it up!

XTINA is the host of SNL tonight – for those of you not recognizing the code name – its little miss christina aguilera – who sat on a tuffet – eating her curds and whey….wait where did i just wonder off too?? anyway hope XTINA does a good job and pokes fun at herself – no one should take themselves seriously – especially this tiny diva – musical guest is MAROON 5 – who i just love – from HARDER TO BREATHE to their latest single – THIS LOVE – i just love these cutie boys – and its so not my type of music – but i just really like em!

also just for fun check out the links to the right – some of the sites are quite fun – i normally dont visit TV show websites – but as i have been adding em here – its been loads of fun to peruse the sites – so do some surfing –

and on one more final sad sad note – i alas did not get to see Courtney last night – i hope it was incredible – i was there in spirit for sure!