it’s all-out war between brangelina – and jen!

it’s all-out war between brangelina – and jen!
November 19, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! oh go on and take a wild guess at who’s being featured on the cover of STAR magazine….yup – we’ve got more about brad pitt & angelina jolie and their recent feud w/ his ex-wife jennifer aniston (over the ladies’ interviews with vogue & W magazine) i seriously don’t know what else to say about the situation that i haven’t already said – basically ms. aniston will be connected to her ex mr. pitt forever – i see no signs of this story ever dying down – it’s like the ultimate gossip story of my generation (yes i know that’s quite a dramatic statement but i think it’s true) unless things somehow go awry between brad & angelina – that’s the only way jen will escape the spotlight when it comes to this drama – although initially upon a brangelina break up – she’ll have one huge tabloid hurrah! (below you’ll find a small blurb from the magazine – about why jen didn’t want to start a family with brad…) in another story we’ve got a possible pregnant jessica simpson – whether she is or not – i do not know – but holy cow – did you see those new plump lips of hers? they sure look pregnant – she needs to calm her ass down with the injections! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

In late 2003 – before Brad started filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angie – Brad left Jen behind while he went to a Vanity Fair party in Los Feliz, Calif. But he wasn’t alone for long. A source tells Star that Brad began chatting up a very sexy party planner, and then the two disappeared together. In fact, Jen’s best friend, Courteney Cox, even sent her husband, David Arquette, to look for Brad. When Brad finally came back to the party, “everyone was whispering about what had gone on between him and that girl.”

It was whispers like this that made Jen rethink starting a family with Brad, even though he was really pushing for it. “She held off on having kids because she wanted to wait until she was sure Brad wasn’t being unfaithful,” says the source. “But she could never regain that trust, and she just didn’t want to bring a child into that mess.” SOURCE