is angelina too close to her bodyguard?!?

is angelina too close to her bodyguard?!?
November 7, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good morning! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which continues to harp on my angelina jolie – i so appreciate a juicy rumor but this is complete madness (combined with an unflattering picture of ms. jolie) although i’m curious to see what the article claims inside – i doubt she’d have anything to do with her bodyguard – especially if she’s sleeping with one of the sexiest guys on the planet – brad pitt! i do believe everyone likes to get their flirt on – and with a bodyguard i’d imagine you do end up becoming semi-close out of plain old circumstance – so i’d be getting my flirt on too – it’s fun!

in other stories we’ve got britney spears‘ mom lynne and her supposed tell all book where she talks about britney’s ‘family shame’ and the truth about justin timberlake – you must remember the good old days when ms. lynne had her very own corner on britney’s website – gosh things have certainly changed since then! i think mom & daughter should go and see dr. phil mcgraw – maybe he can set both of them straight – i would totally like to see brit and her mom be close again! (on a quick sidenote – i’m obsessed with the track toy soldier off her new #1 #2 album blackout – it’s such a great track – take a listen here)

there’s also couples news featured on the front with one twosome supposedly on the rocks – fergie & and her super hot boyfriend josh duhamel (fergie simply must figure out a way to save that relationship – once you get used to sleeping with someone like josh – i’d imagine it would be way hard to give up that kind of nookie!) as one pair might be cooling down – there’s another one heating up – lance armstrong & ashley olsen which won’t last long – i still think he’s a big asshole for breaking sheryl crow‘s heart – since that’s exactly what he did! that’s the scoop for now – i’ll check you all later! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!