Is this John Mayer’s revenge Taylor Swift song?

Is this John Mayer’s revenge Taylor Swift song?
June 18, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

John Mayer

As some of you might remember, Taylor Swift and John Mayer used to be a thing until they broke up, and the ensuing hatred strengthened the dark crystal that is the source of Taylor’s power. John initially douched about how he didn’t deserve it (which … yes and no, really) and has allegedly answered back with his own brand-new song, “Paper Dolls” (now available on iTunes). The lyric video doesn’t actually have anything to do with the song, but the lyrics allegedly reference the song Taylor wrote about John, so just assume this will end with the two of them strumming their guitars at each other, Dueling Banjos style. History will call it “literally the whitest thing we’ve ever seen.”

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