Is Miley Cyrus miserable?

Is Miley Cyrus miserable?
July 26, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Miley Cyrus

As much as I love Miley Cyrus‘ new persona, I do worry about her: She’s young, she’s starting to define her limits, and sometimes that’s going to come at the cost of her own physical / mental health. It doesn’t help that according to RadarOnline, Miley accidentally tweeted about being miserable and taking Xanax, only to delete it, claim she got hacked, then said she butt-dialed the whole thing.

“I’m miserable,” Miley wrote in a text to someone named “FEFE” on July 23 at 11:37 pm. A little past midnight, she continued, “Been crying myself to sleep. Taking a zany trying to pass out. Goodnight.” (Zanny is a common street term for Xanax, a highly addictive “benzo” used to treat anxiety.) She posted the tweet inadvertently at 12:22 am. Miley quickly deleted the tweet and posted a message about being hacked. Then she deleted that tweet and wrote, “Never mind. Realized I’m just an idiot & somehow I butt tweeted my conversation. Missing home”

Look, the good news is that Miley is smart enough that she can turn this around in time. That being said, I know what it’s like to end up in adulthood and have to recalibrate everything you know and realize what you can and can’t do before you start wearing thin. Believe me, it’s hard. There are gonna be days when you feel like absolute crap and you’re miserable, and you’re not always going to make the best decisions. All you can do is regroup, ask yourself what went wrong, and then learn from it. You’ll eventually figure out your own boundaries, but until then: Moderation, moderation, moderation.

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