January 30, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

yeah you heard me FAIR IS FAIR plus with my small recent obsession with all things 80’s as of late…i just have to say claim this as one of the best 80’s tracks…from one of my all-time favorite 80’s movie 1985’s the legend of billie jean – pat benetar’s invincible fucking rules – especially since blogging is often ‘a do or die situation’ i thought it all quite appropriate for this week’s monday .mp3 – they seriously need to consider a sequel to this movie…i know it sounds mad crazy but i would love to know what is up with ‘ms. billie jean’ over twenty years later…god bless helen slater – i can watch this movie over & over again! popbytes out for now…i will be back later tonight! xxoo!

» listen to pat benetar’s invincible (.mp3 4.3mb)

As for you Mr. Pyatt, you are so sleazy! You think that you can get away with anything because what are we, just a bunch of kids! Well not THIS time. Six hundred dollars for the motoscooter your son trashed! That’s what you owe and we’re not turning ourselves in until you pay! Fair is fair! We didn’t start this! We didn’t mean for it to happen but we’re not giving up until you pay! FAIR IS FAIR!