Inside Whitney Houston’s drug den!

Inside Whitney Houston’s drug den!
March 29, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

i love whitney and a picture is always worth a thousand words…i just want her to be ok again – it’s just not the same these days without our fierce whitney houston – she just keeps going down down down…poor thing…gosh how sad is all this! we are still pulling for you girl & we all don’t want to see this end tragically (don’t be billie holiday) and if that is your bathroom – girlfriend you better start cleaning or at least get a maid – and don’t be having bobby’s sister tina brown over – she sold you down the river jordan…popbytes out for now – xxoo!

This shocking scene of sleazy mayhem is damning proof of Whitney Houston’s tragic addiction — to crack. The National Enquirer’s sensational exclusive photo (in this week’s issue) shows the superstar singer’s private bathroom after she has locked herself away for days on yet another self-destructive binge. Amid the trash, leftover food and empty beer cans are the tools of the hardcore drug fiend — pipes, rolling papers, spoons in which powdered cocaine is cooked into crack, lighters. The picture was taken by one of Whitney’s closest friends and relatives — Tina Brown, sister of her husband Bobby.

It is the first time one of the serial Grammy-winner’s inner circle has opened the door on the despair and depravity that has led Whitney’s family to fear that she is just one fix away from a fatal overdose. READ MORE »