Inside Whitney Houston’s drug den!

i love whitney and a picture is always worth a thousand words…i just want her to be ok again – it’s just not the same these days without our fierce whitney houston – she just keeps going down down down…poor thing…gosh how sad is all this! we are still pulling for you girl & we all don’t want to see this end tragically (don’t be billie holiday) and if that is your bathroom – girlfriend you better start cleaning or at least get a maid – and don’t be having bobby’s sister tina brown over – she sold you down the river jordan…popbytes out for now – xxoo!

This shocking scene of sleazy mayhem is damning proof of Whitney Houston’s tragic addiction — to crack. The National Enquirer’s sensational exclusive photo (in this week’s issue) shows the superstar singer’s private bathroom after she has locked herself away for days on yet another self-destructive binge. Amid the trash, leftover food and empty beer cans are the tools of the hardcore drug fiend — pipes, rolling papers, spoons in which powdered cocaine is cooked into crack, lighters. The picture was taken by one of Whitney’s closest friends and relatives — Tina Brown, sister of her husband Bobby.

It is the first time one of the serial Grammy-winner’s inner circle has opened the door on the despair and depravity that has led Whitney’s family to fear that she is just one fix away from a fatal overdose. READ MORE »

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  • Christina

    This truly does break my heart – I have been looking all morning for this pic, and it is just as bad as I expected. So sad, I hope and pray someone will drag her to rehab in a hurry!

  • L. Ron Cruise

    Whitney needs Scientology NOW.

  • Billy the Kid

    Whitney does not need rehab she needs the WILL to quit…& scientology? Is that a bunch of brain washed zombies?

  • vermeda

    it got her, the devil….she need help she can stop because this is not her…also i think the picture is fake…what crackhead is going to leave some crack…if she stay in the bathroom for days why not use the last of it …..we need to pray for her and the usa we have problems ….lord pls walk into her life and clean her mind,body and soul, give her time to heal,fix her voice so that she can sing for you,help her family,help bobby,take the taste out of her mind,tell the crack that she have no reason to come back,stop making him/her rich,help the dope dealers…….he’s coming back……

  • Deborah

    I too feel her pain I am a recovering crack user it was hard for me but it was like the lord step in and showed me that if u don’t stop u will heart is in very bad shape because of using crack..I have to go to the cardiologist every week now to make sure my heart don’t stop I have to wear a nitro patch daily..all because I had to have that just mabe and I pray hard for Whitney she will find her way back..God bless u my sister….

  • noyb

    She is currently in LA recording my new album with Kanye West and also working on a duet with Alicia Keys. Bobby got his sister to set up that mess because he’s pissed off that Whitney has cut off his money!

  • mr. t. c.

    I love whitney houston. She is a legend. I had an opportunity to talk with some of her relatives. I feel that no one really knows why Whitney is doing this to herself. Nevertheless, I am always praying for Whitney’s recovery. We all have skeletons, we all also have faults. Most of all we can not help someone to recover if we all are being abusive and not supportive. Lets write good things about whitney and remind her of the powerhouse that she is and continues to be. Lets bring the best thing out of her, and pray that Jesus touches her heart through prayer and change. Last let’s remember that there are a lot of Whitneys and Bobby Browns out there who are crying out for help. It is our job to help with love and respect. Not putting people down. Thank you.

  • nhe

    this is so sad about what happened to whitney houston and her drug den, im hoping and praying to god to whitney to survive these things from her life.
    just keep on praying for her. and as for tina what you did for whitney is not good – you want to make money? you can settle this matter with whitney’s family not in the press people. your a whore tina….