inside deep throat

inside deep throat
February 2, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh what a blast! i laughed – i learned! and it was good for me to get out of the house – tonight outfest premiered (to what seemed a sold-out audience at the egyptian – right down the street from popbytes here in hollywood!) the hot hot hot documentary of the moment – inside deep throat – directed by fenton bailey and randy barbato (PARTY MONSTER, THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE) – who both introduced the film and then did a Q & A after the film (which i admit i ran out on – i had too much to do) – but those clever guys along with producer brian grazer came up with a really entertaining look at the 1972 porno flick and firestorm that ensued after release nationwide plus the film’s lingering legacy that still endures today – the interviews with some of the cast and crew were priceless and endearing – especially a retired couple from miami that distributed the film back in the 70’s – poor star linda lovelace died in 2002 in a car accident – and harry reems is a real estate agent in park city utah (and spotted making the rounds at the film’s sundance premiere recently) – while the film ‘deep throat’ still ‘carries’ on today grossing to date over $600 million dollars worldwide (video i tell you goes a long ass way…) – all from a production that cost only $25K- and of course the people who raised a stink about it (including the government) – were the ones who helped it bust into mainstream in the end…that’s how it always goes!

i highly suspect that this will be the next documentary making the rounds at more theaters than most docs might (it’s due to hit big cities on feb 11th) – i so do love a good fun documentary – rated NC-17 – it’s a little explicit but i’m sure most people can handle it – inside deep throat doesn’t disappoint – you can check out their cool blog about the film and a bunch of related stuff at worldofwonder.net/insidedeepthroat/