in-grid – mamma mia!

in-grid – mamma mia!
October 26, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok ok ok – i get it – i know some people aren’t into broadway – see my previous post – so i came up with something else kinda hot & fun – remember that song you promised me – it was a big dance / club hit that seemed to have a life of its own – and now ms. in-grid our little italian dance queen is back with a new album VOILA’! (recorded in french & english versions – why french and not italian beats me…) – plus a hot new single mamma mia – of course it is in french – but who the hell cares – it’s a shimmy down ‘disco’ track as i would say along with my pal CK – so give a listen below – and i hope this post makes up for any broadway boredom…i like to keep everyone happy…rock on – popbytes out for now…

» listen to in-grid’s mamma mia (.mp3 4.9mb)

In-Grid was named after the famous film star, Ingrid Bergman. Her parents ran a cinema (and still do) and In-Grid grew up watching movies which she says were a major influence on her decision to become a singer. Films sparked her imagination and fuelled her ambition to communicate strong emotions to as many people as possible. She started acting, painting and singing, soon to discover that for her music was the most powerful form of expression.

She began singing locally in her native Northern Italy and soon got a reputation for her great stage presence and the energy and colour of her voice.

The internationally renowned record producers Larry Pignagnoli and Marco Soncini invited her to sing on a couple of ideas they were working on in the studio.

She laid down the vocals of Tu es Foutu in one go and the song came to life.
As a famous DJ put it, this must be the sexiest voice to come out of the Italian dance scene in the last ten years.