imagine being stuffed like a teddy bear…

imagine being stuffed like a teddy bear…
February 3, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh my gosh – did anyone else watch nip/tuck last week?!? it was one of the craziest episodes ever – i felt a little sick to my stomach after seeing sharon gless‘ character ‘colleen rose’ go totally nuts…she’s dr. sean’s (played by dylan walsh) new hollywood agent – who at first appeared to be fierce – she’s now gone psycho! when a much bigger slick agency tried to woo sean into signing with them – she set up a meeting with the new agent – who thought sean would also be joining them – golly – he was so wrong – the whole thing was a set-up! after he insulted her a few times about her lack of clients and failing business – colleen busted him over the head knocking him out cold!

upon waking up he found himself strapped to a chair – colleen wheeled out a big stuffing machine – and proceeded to kill him by stuffing him like a teddy bear – literally! (then she added two button eyes!) what an awful way to die – not good times! (i’m so never going in that ‘build-a-bear’ shop!) kudos to the show’s team for coming up with something that genuinely gave me chills (i can’t even watch it again!) plus bravo to ms. gless for pulling off the madness – she’s great! i can’t wait to see what happens next week…as of now teddy obsessed ms. rose has gotten away with the crime yet i bet not for long! the clip is posted below – the scene kicks off at about 1:40 – you must watch – pure craziness! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

the ‘stuffing’ scene starts at 1:40 | LINK