i’m starting a rockband!

i’m starting a rockband!
December 22, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! oh my goodness – i was at disneyland for THIRTEEN hours yesterday – which is a long ass time to be walking around! i did have tons of fun but let me tell you that when the sun went down – it was so cold! my toes were frozen – today every part of me was so damn sore (and i had the worst headache) but i managed to hit up my favorite rides like indiana jones and the haunted mansion which was all decked out in nightmare before christmas style! plus i did also hit up the new finding nemo submarine ride although there was no ‘fastpass’ for that attraction and the line was insanely long but they did an awesome job at resurrecting their ‘under the sea’ ride (it used to be for 20,000 leagues under the sea but now it’s all about nemo) i think i’ve had my fill of disney fun for a while – i like to go once a year since it is a total blast but it really does take a lot out of you!

anyways today i finished up my holiday shopping and i decided to get myself rockband for my PS3 since i’ve been so obsessed with guitar hero – i wanted to take it to the next level! this game includes a drum set, a guitar (that can also play bass) and a microphone – you can play solo or your friends can join in – next week my pal joey and i will begin rehearsals for the band that we’ve planned to toss together! of course it’s not a real band but we can still rock out for fun! (oh my word when i first heard about ‘rockband’ i was all i don’t need that but now i’m a fiend for more rocking out video games!)

when i picked it up today it was the very last one in the store and i thought people were going to try and jump me for it! i’m assuming it is the hot ticket item this holiday season and i’ve seen so many people buying ‘guitar hero’ – it’s crazy! everyone is going to have that game soon – and they should – i love it! (i bet it won’t be long before there’s a reality show centered around the game!) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!