i’m ok – are you ok?

i’m ok – are you ok?
August 8, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh what a day – i’m still so upset over the death of our dear peter jennings – i was so sad last night & had trouble sleeping – i just wasn’t expecting that news – so it was like whoa – i can feel from talking to everyone today – we are all deeply saddened – he really was the best newscaster – and he is going to be greatly missed – you will be so so missed peter…

so besides all this sadness – i got a drop of good news concerning my dear musical siren tori amos – she always makes me feel better – and i love her for that – and i so cannot wait to see her twice next month in concert! it’s been a while – and i really need to see her soon! the latest is tori will be releasing 6 albums of live concerts! the first two will be available soon! oh who can’t use more tori albums – between all the singles, imports, albums, and bootlegs – i easily have over 200 tori items! she is simply the best! i am only slightly zealous ;) popbytes out for now – hopefully this week will get better – pop fingers crossed!

After years of paying top dollar for low quality bootlegs, Tori Amos diehards now have an alternative. Six live bootleg recordings are set to be released this fall. The first two releases are scheduled for an August 30th release, with four more due this fall. All six discs will be available exclusively at toribootlegs.com .

The first album features songs captured during Tori’s April 15th, 2005 concert at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. Among the set’s many highlights are live, soul-baring renditions of 1992’s “Mother” the title track of new album The Beekeeper and 1996’s “Father Lucifer,” as well as poignant covers of Jim Croce’s 1971 hit “Operator” and Joni Mitchell’s “Circle Game.”

The second album, recorded April 25th, 2005 at Royce Hall Auditorium in Los Angeles, features intimate versions of 1994’s “Cloud On My Tongue” and “Yes, Anastacia,” as well as covers of Bon Jovi’s 1986 No. 1 hit “Livin’ On A Prayer” and Jules Shear’s “All Through The Night.”