i’m off to see pj harvey!

i’m off to see pj harvey!
October 15, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE! oh my goodness – what a show ms. polly jean put on tonight – she was haunting and produced a number of goose bump moments – she’s a brilliantly talented musician! plus the orpheum theater was the perfect place for her quite intimate show! of course i managed to get a drop lost when i headed back up to hollywood plus i had to pee so bad – that’s the worst feeling – all is better now that i’m home! anyways i’m just cooking up some late dinner – i’ll check you all tomorrow – and there’ll be more on pj harvey soon! (i also managed to snap a few pics and took a video of ‘down by the water’ which came out pretty decent – i’ll add ’em into my post!)

hey hey! i’m just getting ready to make my way downtown (where i’m sure i’ll end up lost) to see pj harvey – who is playing in support of her new album white chalk – and tonight is one of only two scheduled dates here in the US! my pal victoria saw ms. harvey play last week at the beacon theater in NYC – and said it was amazing! below is the video one of polly jean’s more popular songs ‘down by the water’ (off her ’95 masterpiece album to bring you my love) as per usual i’ll try & update this post when i get home and later this week i’ll post a full review! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!