i’m off to see jennifer lopez (and her bump)

i’m off to see jennifer lopez (and her bump)
October 19, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE OH MY GOSH! i had the best time tonight – i danced my ass off! their show seriously kicked some ass – especially beyonce‘s – her show was so weak compared to ms. lopez & mr. anthony’s – it was so much fun – and she’s for sure pregnant – there’s no question about it yet even being preggers didn’t stop j lo from putting on an awesome show! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

good evening! woo hoo – it’s friday night and i’m feelin’ alright – especially since i’m heading out the door to head downtown (again i hope not to get lost) to see en concierto – aka the jennifer lopez & marc anthony show! i never thought i could be so pumped over a show but for some odd reason – i am! partly i know it’s due to the fact that i am completely obsessed with her latest album brave which isn’t selling all that well but i fucking love it – i have been playing it non-stop! i think the album will pick up some steam as more singles get released – it’s fun – upbeat & a total blast! i’ll try and update this post when i return home tonight (and i’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the baby bump of hers…) i hope everyone else has a fab evening planned! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!