i’m off to see evanescence!

i’m off to see evanescence!
November 10, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE! oh i had a great time this evening – i was a little cold but a few drinks managed to keep me warm! at the end of the night since there was stacked parking the wait to get my car out was a drop annoying but i can’t complain too much – i had a blast – amy kicked ass! i’ll check you all tomorrow – xxoo!

hey hey! tonight i’m heading over to the greek theatre to finally see evanescence in concert – they’re not exactly the typical band i normally enjoy but they’ve had so many great songs – and of course lead singer amy lee is simply amazing – i can’t wait to hear & see ms. lee play live! although i am a bit worried that i’ll be a little on the cold side – since it’s outside but i’m going to bundle myself up with my new wool cardigan sweater – i hate being cold more than anything! (right now i can’t get enough of cardigans – they’re perfect to wear right now) i didn’t do much of anything exciting today except run some boring errands – it’ll be nice to get out of my apartment tonight and i can give my fingers some much needed rest – i’ve played that darn guitar hero way too much – it’s the most addicting game ever! i’ll try and update this post when i return home later this evening! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!