I’m off to see Duffy!

I’m off to see Duffy!
October 10, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! tonight i’m heading downtown to the orpheum theatre to finally see duffy live in concert – i first posted about the welsh soul singer back in january and a bunch of times since then (all my previous duffy posts are listed below) i fell simply head over heels for her single mercy off her incredible debut album rockferry – i think she’s going to put on a spectacular and intimate show tonight – i’m really excited – hopefully she’ll be just as good live as she is on her album! after the show i’m supposed to head over to a party at the kress but i’ll see how i feel later – i’m a bit wiped from this week! i’ll update this post when i get home and please keep an eye on my twitter for updates through the evening – popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

duffy’s mercy is on fire!

duffy’s mercy gets remixed!

duffy hits the states!

duffy’s mercy – the US video!

duffy – warwick avenue – new video!

duffy train running – mashup!

duffy releases ‘rockferry’ in the US!

duffy’s mercy gets its game on!

duffy will never be a stepping stone