i’m off to see chris cornell & timbaland!

i’m off to see chris cornell & timbaland!
October 25, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE! hey hey! i’m finally home about 1am and overall i had a great time – both chris cornell & timbaland were awesome! i must give a shout out to popbytes reader rhonda who was awesome and way cool – plus she was one of the first people who actually knew of popbytes when i told her what i did – which totally made my night! right now i’m super tired – it’s totally time to go to bed! popbytes over & out for tonight…xoxo

good evening! i had a nice & relaxing day off today plus i spotted cutie pie orlando bloom shopping at petco (down on labrea & 3rd) with his australian model girlfriend miranda kerr – they picked up two huge bags of dry dog food which she put in the trunk of her nissan while mr. bloom hopped on his motorcycle but not before giving her a kiss – both were totally under dressed – i’m actually surprised i spotted them but i seem to have a knack for keeping my eyes peeled at all times (sadly i did not have my camera with me (my cell phone – a blackberry doesn’t take pictures) i think i need to keep a spare one in the car for times like these)

anyways thanks to popbytes’ pal jamie i’m heading down to house of blues on the sunset strip to see oh so sexy rocker chris cornell & mega producer timbaland in concert – the boys will be showcasing mr. cornell’s brand new album scream (due out in a few months) which was produced by timbaland! supposedly they’ll be performing the entire album from start to finish – it sounds like it’ll be a fantastic show! below is one of his new tracks called ground zero which was featured in the premiere episode of ABC’s life on mars (i finally got around to watching the show last night and i really liked it) i also posted the title track off chris’ new album a few weeks back here on popbytes – i’m kinda digging the new direction he decided to take with this album! please keep an eye on my twitter – i’ll be doing live updates from the show as best i can! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo