i’m off to see Björk – woo hoo!

i’m off to see Björk – woo hoo!
December 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

UPDATE! oh my gosh – i had another stellar time tonight seeing ms. björk – she was incredible – it felt like a rave at some points – and i met some way cool people plus the craziest part of the evening was running into an old friend from high school (hi eve) who i hadn’t seen in like sixteen years – it was so random – i couldn’t believe it! this coming sunday i’m heading back to the same venue to see my tori amos – who i can’t wait to see although at this point i have very mixed feelings about the show – it’s a long story but i’m almost ready to spill the beans on how i really feel about this particular show – so please stay tuned to hear about how it all pans out – i’m getting so freakin’ sick of being the ‘nice’ blogger in town (fuck all this w00t & deets shit – i’m sure some of you know what (or who) i’m referring to…) popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

oh my goodness – i’ve been waiting for tonight like forever – i’m so super freakin’ excited to go see björk perform tonight down at nokia live! i know it’ll be the perfect venue to see her brilliant musical eccentricity unfold on stage – she’s so darn kooky but one of the smartest & thoughtful musicians i’ve ever encountered! as per usual i’ll do a quick update to this post when i return home! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo! (i’ve also posted my favorite video of hers below – for the track bachelorette directed by the incredible michel gondry – enjoy!)