i’m guilty – i love faith hill!?!

i’m guilty – i love faith hill!?!
August 7, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i’m SO embarrassed – i am shocking myself – i feel like hiding under my pop bed – but i am going to be so so bold and tell you about my latest musical obsession…oh it’s a doozy – here we go…1 2 3…

it’s the latest single from the new faith hill album – it’s been a long time a’ comin’ – over three years (she has been to hollywood and back) – but now that it has arrived – i am thrilled – the album is called fireflies – a stripped down acoustic album as per faith – i am always shocked by california raised people who have never even see a firefly! – but i digress i am in love with the first single mississippi girl – it’s ultra-country & cheesy as all hell but i keep playing it over & over again – driving some people insane!

i just can’t help myself – when it hits – it hits – and plus faith’s husband cowboy hottie tim mcgraw is so fucking hot – oh daddy – yummy! i guess that helps my love of faith! popbytes out for now – gosh i am turning red with embarassment over what i just revealed – don’t hate me – just listen to faith and agree with me! please!