illeana douglas – working at IKEA?!?

illeana douglas – working at IKEA?!?

good morning everyone! so over the weekend i happened to be shopping at IKEA over in burbank and although it was super crowded i happened to notice one of my favorite actresses illeana douglas dressed up like an IKEA employee and was dusting – then i noticed actress jane lynch helping a few customers (check out the pictures below) i thought what the hell is going on here – did i just enter the twilight zone?!? after a little investigation i found out exactly what was going on…find out for yourself after the jump!

actually it turns out illeana along with a bunch of other actors including jane lynch, jeff goldblum, tom arnold, justine bateman, ed begley jr, craig bierko, and robert patrick was shooting a brand new web series called easy to assemble that is due to premiere online in september – with one new episode a week through november! the series is being produced by the very same people who brought you illeanarama – supermarket of the stars where ms. douglas decided to quit hollywood and take a job at the local grocery store – and so continues the story as illeana decides to take a job over at IKEA instead! i was invited down to the shoot – and i got to meet ms. douglas (picture below!) who was super nice & friendly along with everyone else i met that day including robert patrick (terminator 2) i hear the new episodes are really hilarious – and although its all sponsored by IKEA – it is in no way a commercial for the store – it’s merely the setting for the hollywood insanity to unfold! no worries – as soon as the series premieres i’ll be sure to post it here on popbytes – oh i can’t wait! (many thanks go out to thomas for looping me in on this) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo