idols do billboard hits!

idols do billboard hits!
March 22, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh thank heavens! american idol this week was much better! last week i was so down on it and tonight i’m feeling a bit more revived! and i have three favorites that emerged tonight! – carrie, nadia, and jessica!

carrie underwood – anyone who chooses to sing heart in my book – is supreme – one of my hand down favorite songs of all time – ‘alone’ – (and favorite bands – ann and nancy wilson rock my world!) – i so love ‘acting’ it all out – gosh – it’s a great song – and tonight by singing it – carrie got my attention! gosh i’m gonna put on heart right now!

nadia turner – damn!!! – girlfriend looked fierce tonight! – she copied my mohawk – but for sure with some extra added nadia flair – and although paula thought it a bad song choice – i’m so sorry paula but cyndi lauper’s ‘time after time’ is never a poor song choice – and nadia infused a new feel/flavor into this awesome classic! i thought she rocked!

jessica sierra – i just love this girl – her deep voice – she reminds me a bit of wynonna judd – and i just love her voice! and yet again another stellar song choice that topped off the evening – and she nailed it – who doesn’t love bonnie tyler’s ‘total eclipse of the heart’ – jessica looked great and i’m really rooting for her!

ok and on a sad note mikalah gordon sucked ass tonight – she was so boring – i think it may be her turn to go tomorrow (wed) night – especially considering she was in the final two last week – oh girl yr song choice of taylor dayne’s ‘love will lead us back’ was the worst move you have made all season long…anyway popbytes out for now – looks like lots of you are enjoying the fiona apple files…i’m beyond obsessed with the album – i must have listened to it 200x already – i so love it! :) xxoo