i seriously can’t wait to see ‘the informers’

i seriously can’t wait to see ‘the informers’
February 26, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i’m not sure why i didn’t know about this film sooner – i just saw the trailer for the informers and i was blown away – it totally looks like my type of movie! (the tagline is greed is good. sex is easy. youth is forever.) based on the book by bret easton ellis (who also penned american psycho, less than zero – i love the 1987 film and the bangles‘ version of hazy shade of winter) it’s set in 1983 los angeles (a sex & drugs fueled party scene) and stars mickey rourke, kim basinger, billy bob thornton, winona ryder, amber heard, and brad renfro (the last film he made before his death back in january of ’08) watch the red band trailer below (be warned … there’s some naked boob shots of ms. heard) the film hits theaters on april 24th – you can bet your bottom dollar i’ll be there (the film did play at this year’s sundance film festival – i’m trying not to read the reviews which were not favorable at all – i just need to go see it) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

A multi-strand narrative set in early 1980’s Los Angeles, centered on an array of characters who represent both the top of the heap (a Hollywood dream merchant, a dissolute rock star, an aging newscaster) and the bottom (a voyeuristic doorman, an amoral ex-con). Connecting the intertwining strands are a group of beautiful, blonde young men and women who sleep all day and party all night, doing drugs — and one another –with abandon, never realizing that they are dancing on the edge of a volcano…