I say leave these two alone!

I say leave these two alone!
October 20, 2010 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

A few weeks ago Star magazine had Michael Douglas saying his final goodbyes to wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and now they’re claiming he’s prepared to give her one final gift … a new baby (along with a new $5.25 million house in Bedford, NY – that’s true) When someone is trying to recover from cancer (his treatments are over for the time being) I think some of these rags need to step off and just let people have some privacy and time to heal! I definitely love juicy gossip (like ‘Christina’s secret lovers’) as much as the next person but I don’t care for this type of rumor at all! Michael and his family are obviously going through a very rough time, why try to make things more difficult with totally irresponsible headlines like this?

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently spoke about her desire to have more children with hubby Michael Douglas — and now, as the actor bravely battles Stage IV throat cancer, he’s ready to make her baby dreams come true.

In the Nov. 1 issue of Star, we reveal that during an emotional heart-to-heart talk, Michael, who recently completed an eight-week course of chemo and radiation treatments, broke down as he told his wife — with whom he already has two children, Dylan and Carys — “that he wanted her to be able to have another baby with him more than anything,” an insider tells Star. As Catherine clung to her weak husband, “she couldn’t stop sobbing.” SOURCE