i saw ‘the dark knight’

i saw ‘the dark knight’

hey kids! i decided to brave going to see the dark knight this afternoon although i knew it would be a total zany packed scene – even though i was in the theatre at 4pm for a 4:30pm showing (at the grove) i had to sit very close to the front in the third row which completely ticked me off and tossed me into bad mood central – i don’t like to be in the front but i really had no other choice but to crouch down and look up for two and a half hours! to be 100% honest i have mixed feelings on the movie – it’s stylish, dark and action-packed (director christopher nolan did an excellent job) but i think my overall excitement over seeing the film set my expectations way too high and i do feel a drop disappointed – the hype is probably bigger than the film itself – which is already making tons of money and setting all kinds of records! (however i feel like i need to see the movie again yet next time i totally need to sit in the back – today it was so up in my face)

the late heath ledger did an amazing job at making the joker a sinister & haunting psychopath creep but if i were forced to choose i still personally prefer jack nicholson‘s campy creation back in the 1989 version of batman (directed by tim burton – also responsible for batman returns my favorite of the franchise) yet it’s tough to compare the two performances – they’re completely different from each other (a comic book madman vs a realistic psycho) it’s still tough to believe that mr. ledger is actually gone – i do hope he gets an oscar nomination (like recent buzz suggests…) what he did with the part was incredible & brilliant – what a shame to lose such a talented actor!

as for the character of ‘rachel dawes’ – kudos to maggie gyllenhaal who was much better suited for the part than katie holmes (batman begins) and then there’s hottie christian bale who is hands down the best actor to ever play the caped crusader – he’s perfect in the role! the rest of the cast including cutie aaron eckhart, michael caine, morgan freeman, and gary oldman were all superb – i just wanted to like it more than i did but due to all the drama at the theatre – i seriously have to give the film a second chance (perhaps next weekend) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

PS without spoiling the end – i will say that i am super excited over the possibilities for the next film – with all the money it’s raking in – of course there’s going to be another one!