i love the poseidon adventure!

i love the poseidon adventure!
November 18, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

phew! the weekend is finally here – and i just realized that this sunday is the premiere of the all new poseidon adventure over on NBC – i am thrilled for one reason only – that being i seriously adore the original 1972 film of the same title – this new adventure is a remake (and a made for TV movie…ugh) – i swear i don’t think they can make disaster movies like they did in the 70’s like towering inferno – even with all those big fancy shmancy effects they can do today – plus it won’t be starring shelley winters or stella stevens who both for sure made that movie

i don’t see how this remake could ever outdo the original – but it will be fun to revisit the upside down cruise liner once again – a few years ago in my NYC days i went to a great super fun screening on the chelsea piers of the poseidon adventure – and it was actually on a pier that rocked and swayed a little bit being on the water and all – it really was the best setting to catch this movie – i won’t ever forget it! so below are two shots from the original film and below that a promo for the new version – sunday night is going to be extra tight on TV but i can for sure squeeze this in somehow! much love to all as always – i for sure will be back this weekend – rock & blog on…popbytes over & out…xxoo