i finally saw ‘sex and the city’!

i finally saw ‘sex and the city’!

hey hey! although i’m running a week behind the film’s premiere last week – i finally got to see sex and the city earlier this evening – overall i did really like it – what a nice treat after loving the HBO series for years to see the four ladies reunited up on the silver screen! there were plenty of laughs (especially w/ charlotte when the gals headed to mexico) but i must say i found the film to be a little on the long side (clocking in at a little over two hours) but if you’re a fan – i couldn’t imagine not loving it yet i totally feel this really needs to be the end of an era – i have absolutely no desire to see a sequel – everything was tied up (spoiler alert: not sure how i feel about carrie ending up w/ big) and i think they need to let it be and go out on a high (even if there is more money to be made…)

i was against this film being made at the very beginning (since the show ended on a great & fitting note and i didn’t want the film version ruining how i felt about the show) but i did come around and they did an excellent job with the film in the end but now it’s for sure time to say goodbye to carrie, samantha, miranda, and charlotte – it sure has been a swell ride (many thanks to michael patrick king and sarah jessica parker) and there’ll always be the DVDs featuring all of the good times! (of course i got a little misty at the end – i’m going to miss all four of ’em) popbytes over & out for tonight – i can’t freakin’ believe tomorrow is monday already – ugh (i still need to do a post on the kanye west show last night – even though i’m not like a crazy fan – it was one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen – it was completely brilliant!)

(btw remind me never to go to the amc citywalk movie theaters over at universal studios – i don’t like that place at all – i hadn’t been in years (last movie i saw there was tomb raider back in 2001) but tonight i was reminded why i never go there…)