I called it – Fantasia!

I called it – Fantasia!

oh its been rough! its been long – i have laughed – i have wept – i have been outraged – i have been smitten with both ryan and simon (how could one not be – both adorable in their own ways!) – and i so love paula abdul (when i saw ms paula this morning (see cellphone pic below) – i almost shouted cold-hearted snake is a great song! and it is! rumors are that she is to release a new cd!!) – and randy is a cool ‘dawg’ as well

we have been up – we have been down – we bonded – we were divided as battle lines were drawn – but we all came together in the end – and voted in (my predict from the start of this madness – it seems like its been forever – i saw every episode!) ms. fantasia barrino to become the third american idol! (and in my humble opinion the best!) and she so so so so deserved it! now i will say that diana degarmo handled herself really well – what a graceful and talented young lady – she grew a lot in the competition and really blossomed – im so sure this wont be the last we see of miss diana (with the margin of votes between the two gals came out to just a little over 1%!!!) – fantasia more or less had it from the get go! i will say that fox did an outstanding job this season with the show – really they did keep us fully entertained – altho at times they did stretch things a bit much – and actually tonight was really well done – and very entertaining – except jennifer love hewitt – what a poor excuse for a celeb reporter – so all said and done im sure we can ready ourselves for next year – im excited already!

gosh i cant wait to hear the new fantasia single on the radio (due thursday!) for i believe (written by season one contestant tamayra gray) – im sure we will all be deluged with idol fallout in the next few days – my plan is to gather my thoughts – focus – and figure out what can be the next pop fun ‘event’ that we can all cling to and obsess over – well at least me and popbytes will…

i keep seeing visions nicole ritchie and paris hilton on the simple life 2 – road trip – i cant wait for this one – coming june 16th to fox – here popbytes comes! and im so sure there will be some other fun stuff to look forward to…

did you all catch the first tv promos for catwoman looks fun – altho michelle pfieffer is still the best as the delectable catwoman in recent yrs – of course we all bow to mama catwoman ms eartha kitt! – and im dying for the terminal with hanks and zeta-jones – yes it looks like a schmaltz fest but for some reason i cant wait to see it! so another day another pop event – im a little sad its over – but thrilled for fantasia – u work it lady! popbytes out!

ps – keep yr eyes open for another issue of you didnt hear it from me – where my pop partner in crime (aka nikkib) gave popbytes a great mention/shoutout to her list – and i will share that with popbytes addicts very soon! keep coming back – this has been by far the best popbytes month ever!! its growing! where is popbytes going to? oh i feel all diana ross a la mahogany so stay tuned – this bitch is far from done!!!

pss poor courtney pleaded guilty in an LA superior court – shes so messy – but ultimately talented and tortured – i so need to get with this gal (along with heidi fleiss) and rock this town upside-down! topsy turvy! i fucking love los angeles – and even more – my hollywood! yes folks – my hollywood – popbytes is so out for tonight! get rest!