Hulk Hogan is getting pre-divorced!

Hulk Hogan is getting pre-divorced!
November 11, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Quick! Somebody get the Moonshine, a couple of shotguns and a tear-away powder blue tuxedo; Hulk Hogan just filed for a marriage certificate! Awwww, I guess he’s finally making an honest woman out of Brooke Hogan, isn’t he?

Hulk Hogan is getting back into the ring … the wedding ring — TMZ has learned the wrestling legend has applied for a marriage license to marry his 35-year-old fiancée Jennifer McDaniel. We’re told 57-year-old Hulk got the license in Florida — and it expires on January 11, 2011 — so the clock is tickin’. SOURCE

Oh, wait, my apologies, Hulk Hogan isn’t marrying his daughter; he just happens to be marrying a 35-year-old woman who looks exactly like his daughter, which I guess is only slightly less awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Seriously; how Hulk Hogan’s inbred hick children didn’t emerge from the womb with flipper fins and extra eyes is nothing short of a miracle of God.