huckabees & el grudge numero dos

huckabees & el grudge numero dos
August 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everybody! it’s friday night and hope you’re up to something wildly exciting! i’m just taking it easy tonight and watching i heart huckabees – i love it so far! totally my type of movie with quirky characters (an amazing cast) and lots of great dialogue plus popbytes adores that cutie jason schwartzman!

i’ve been trying to catch up on movies (between work/popbytes/TV i’ve been seriously neglectful to films) first step…finally getting around to returning three stale (already playing on cable) netflix DVDs which were growing dusty in my place for months! yes i paid for the same three movies for like 6 months (netflix must make money from others like me this way) so next week fresh movies will be coming my way!

while on the movie topic – if you haven’t already seen the scary trailer yet for the upcoming second grudge flick – you must watch it below! thrills & chills is my top genre and although the first grudge was just ok – i don’t see any harm in giving the sequel a try! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!