housewives, brothers, & sisters…um ok

housewives, brothers, & sisters…um ok
September 24, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone! gosh there were so many TV choices to make tonight and i had a bunch of things to do today but i did manage to catch the third season premiere of desperate housewives and the series premiere of brothers & sisters (don’t worry my tivo caught the amazing race, cold case, and flavor of love)

i thought the ‘desperate’ third season kick-off was mediocre – ‘bree’ (marcia cross) keeps getting stuck with creepy guys who at first glance appear perfect – last time ‘george’ (roger bart) and this time ‘orson’ played by kyle maclachlan who i’ve always been a fan of (god bless agent dale cooper) but he was boring on ‘sex & the city’ and he’s a drip on wisteria lane – something different should’ve be done with marcia’s character – poor ms. cross! plus don’t forget her real-life pregnancy will be written into the plot so it looks like kyle will be hanging around for a bit…

the other storylines were just your basic continuation of what was going down last season – i did laugh when susan (teri hatcher) spilled her strawberry shake on that lady in a coma but overall it was just ok – the big hook seems to be the storyline with bree & orson which made me go all beyonce with a case of deja vu! maybe writers should have given a bigger slice of the story to ‘edie’ (nicolette sheridan) – she was barely on but it was good to see laurie metcalf who turned up as orson’s neighbor ‘carolyn bigsby’ who tried to warn bree before she marries a killer…blah blah blah

then i stayed tuned on ABC for the new series brother & sisters which was mildy watchable (better than thursday night’s six degreesread my review) but i found it mainly ok for three reasons…

1. it was GREAT to see calista flockhart back on TV – i used to love ‘ally mcbeal’ (come on you all did too…) so i really enjoyed her return…but for how long is the question…

2. i loved seeing my dear sally field in something other than commercials for boniva (some bone medicine) you must know the ones i mean!

3. rachel griffiths…what else is there to say? i worshipped her as kooky ‘brenda’ on our dearly departed ‘six feet under’ – so anything she does – i just have to watch – love her!

but all those good times above aside – the show was pretty weak & schmaltzy (that small mention of 9/11 made me roll my eyes) of course ron rifkin can’t just play the nice guy – he’s always got something evil up his sleeve and the gay brother (matthew rhys) just doesn’t have time to date hence no boyfriend…i’ll be tuning in next week to see what happens but i doubt this show will be able to hold its ground…if invasion could only make it one season (and that show ROCKED) then i doubt this or ‘six degrees’ will last very long BUT i could be wrong – i’m just stoked for tomorrow’s new episode of studio 60…popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrow – i can’t believe monday is upon us already…ugh!

PS tom skerrit has played sally field’s husband before – remember steel magnolias? doesn’t look like his character is going to make it in the second episode – he had a heart attack!