HOSTEL looks so damn scary!

HOSTEL looks so damn scary!
January 5, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

i am so going to take my ass to the movies this weekend to catch hostel which is being ‘presented’ by one of my favorite directors mr. quentin tarantino (i still think kill bill vol 1 was much better than vol 2 – i really want to see both films cut into one long kick-ass director’s cut – that would be so hot!) and this movie directed by eli roth looks scary & gory as all hell – i so love a great grisly scary movie – very few movies these days seem to be very scary (i still say the 70’s produced the best o’ the best horror films) – i really enjoyed saw but still have yet to see the second one…i always say the more thrills & chills the better! i think it was recently reported that grisly movies are to be a new trend – i say bring it on!

i also would still like to check out wolf creek which looks just as gory & grisly as ‘hostel’ – so find a cute date for this weekend and prepared to be frightened & disgusted – perfect for a date movie – oh i’m so scared – will you hold me? – oh and do check out the ‘hostel’ website – there is a lot to see and do – it kept me amused for a good amount of time! anyways i am so glad tomorrow is friday – this week has been pretty decent so no complaints from popbytes – much xxoo for all as always – popbytes over & out!