hostel II – goes for a meat teaser!

hostel II – goes for a meat teaser!
December 21, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening everyone! oh my vegetarian readers are going to love this one (i’m sorry guys) it’s the newly approved teaser poster for the upcoming gore fest hostel II (watch the trailer) which is due to hit theaters on june 8th! the good folks over at CHUD got a message the other day from director eli roth (posted below) who sounds pretty stoked about the film & the meaty poster! anyone want to take a guess at what kind of meat that is? even as much as i love steak (must have A1) the poster is making me a bit quesy!

like the first ‘hostel’ film this is also being ‘presented’ by quentin tarantino of course one of my favorite directors! i’m still dying to see a director’s cut of kill bill…i really want to see both parts re-cut into one film – i’m a huge fan of the first part (gosh it’s a kick-ass movie) but the second part didn’t thrill me! i’m curious to see how it would flow if it was re-worked into to one long film like it was originally intended! ok i’ll cut my digression off right there – i’ll be here most of the holiday weekend – so stay tuned! there’s no rest for us bloggers! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

The poster just got approved by the MPAA. This is now officially the U.S. teaser poster, hitting theaters soon. How fucking insane is that?!? I feel like the luckiest director on the planet to have Lionsgate handling my film.

If you didn’t vomit during THE HOLIDAY, you’ll definitely puke on your way home when you see this up on the wall at your local multiplex.

I couldn’t be happier.
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