horny as a dandy – mashup!

horny as a dandy – mashup!
April 29, 2010 TEAM POPBYTES

Why does the right wing in America take such glee in mocking the French? Anyone remember ‘freedom fries’ when France didn’t support the war in Iraq? Dumb politics aside, we should celebrate the French, who we can thank for wine & cheese, baguettes, crepes, Christian Dior, the Statue Of Liberty, the Louvre, and yes, Gilles Marini. But another fact is that some of the best mashup creators are also French, and Loo & Placido are two of the best known from the scene. Lately, they’ve been making absolutely banging, multi-layered electro-based bootlegs, and their Electronic Popstar Killers mix is essential. But I decided to go grab one of their classic mashes this week, which is still my favorite of theirs. This blend of Mousse T. and Dandy Warhols is so spot-on perfect, it actually got an official release in Europe back in 2006. So get on your dancin’ shoes ‘cuz ooh la la – c’est si bon!

Download Loo & Placido‘s Horny As A Dandy
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Enjoy! — DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: Come catch Loo & Placido in action, rocking the dance floor hard at Bootie LA at The Echoplex this Saturday, May 1st. They’ll hit the stage at 12-Midnight, and yours truly and DJ Shyboy will be also get your bums shakin’ through the night!