February 26, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

the oscar preps are in FULL SWING! the traffic has been horrendous – and the rain – oh the rain – i think it may rain on the oscars – i wonder when that last happened? im sure a long time ago – if ever! and it poured last night! we need the rain – but then come the floods – its whole crazy chain of reactions! im semi excited for the show on sunday – sounds like theron is a shoo-in and LORD OF RINGS will take best picture i think – and it should – pete jackson has done an amazing job on all three films – i couldnt even begin to imagine being in charge of all that – my eyes would be popping out of my head left and right – his next project is a remake of KING KONG – this time with naomi watts playing the fay wrey/jessica lange damsel in distress who has a monkey fall for her – and a LARGE monkey at that!

lisa-maries 14 yr old daighter is now a hot runway model – being featured right now in some D&G shows – shes hot – and yes boys only 14 – 4 yrs more yrs to go – i think grandddaddy would be proud –

some hot new DVD releases – including a box set of david lynch’s masterpiece ERASERHEAD (god bless jack nance) – IN THE CUT is out with ms meg being all indie – dont know if i can bear it – THE MISSING with lee jones and blanchett – will check this one out – and WONDERLAND with sexy val kilmer and friends veteran lisa kudrow – only 3 more episodes left – thank god!

i plan to see THE PASSION this weekend – its crazy all the muss and fuss over this movie – sounds like it should be engrossing – but im not taking this seriously at all – for those of you who know me – religion is the bottom of my list of things to attend to in life – just be a good person and shut the fuck up!

new INDIGO GIRLS album ALL THAT WE LET IN – hit stores on tuesday – picked up my copy at music lovers paradise AMOEBA RECORDS on sunset and ivar – the girls never sounded better – and the disc includes a DVD of a live performance from dec at the famous BOTTOM LINE in NYC (where this lucky boy got to see JANIS IAN – if you dont know her you should) hope the girls swing by LA so i can see them for the 15th time – these girls rock and are amazing songwriters – and they actually NEVER write together – which is so interesting – but when the blend up on stage or in the studio – it is true music bliss!

on a sad note it looks like i DIDNT WIN tickets to see ms oprah on monday and now i find out julia roberts is a guest – i was shitting – but its ok – i will see the queen someday!