Hollywood still hates Katherine Heigl?

Hollywood still hates Katherine Heigl?
September 12, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Katherine Heigl

For a while back in 2007, Katherine Heigl looked like the next big thing in Hollywood thanks to her role on one of the biggest shows at the time as well as a plum role in Knocked Up. Then she started trashing all her co-workers and everyone was just like, “Oh really? It’s like that? BECAUSE I WISH A MOTHERF**KER WOULD.” The string of critical and commercial flops that followed her comments didn’t really help her, and according to a new hatchet piece by The Hollywood Reporter, not many people are willing to work with her because she’s an absolute pain in the ass to deal with.

“She can cost you time every single day of shooting,” says this person. “Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. Even getting her deal closed at Warners was hard. She hit that point of ‘no.’ ”

As has been the case since the days when Heigl was a child model, her mother was fiercely protective. “I have never experienced anything like Nancy Heigl,” says this source. “It’s about the mouth. ‘F— you. You are a f—ing liar.’ … Whatever you’d say, you were an idiot. The call would be, ‘This is the worst craft service we’ve ever had! There’s nothing to eat! This is the worst wardrobe!’ You knew that every day, you were going to get slammed. The frustrating part is [Heigl] is incredibly talented and smart.”

[…] Production had gone smoothly on 27 Dresses, says a high-level source involved in the film, until it was time to promote the picture overseas. “There were movie-star demands — big rooms, the mother there, all the stuff,” says this person. ” ‘We need the presidential suite at The Bristol!’ It was just a sense of entitlement. The biggest stars don’t do that kind of thing.” The prospect of working again with Heigl lost its allure.

The sad part is that Heigl certainly has a spunky charm and a sizable talent but … good lord. Back when I started writing four years ago, she was just a whirling dervish of asshole-ness. Literally everything that came out of her mouth was just her taking a huge dump on the people she worked with. I get that not every project you work on can be Oscar-caliber stuff, but at some point you have to realize you’re getting $12 Million to regurgitate someone else’s lines and thank your lucky stars that you’re employed at all when other people are working for minimum wage. Also: Picking your mother to be your manager may sound like a good idea, but it always ends just horribly for everyone involved.

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