holly madison wants to run for mayor!

holly madison wants to run for mayor!
June 10, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Because if Sarah Palin can do it, literally anyone in the entire world can do it, Holly Madison, who some of you might remember from The Girls Next Door and others may remember from their “special alone pleasure time” in the bathroom, is hinting at getting into local politics …

“I mostly just want to have a family and get involved in city politics and be a Sunday school teacher” Madison told Fancast.com. And what exactly does a Playboy Bunny put on the agenda when campaigning for politics (Las Vegas city politics more specifically)? “My favorite idea is to fix the way they do construction [in Las Vegas] because sometimes they leave a construction site up too long when they’re doing road work. They don’t finish it fast enough and it causes a lot of traffic problems.” When asked if she would ever consider running for mayor, Madison replied “Someday!” A Playboy Bunny-turned-politician? Hef sure would be proud … SOURCE

Yup, that’s basically her political platform right there: Construction people take too long, so make them go faster! Problem solved! God, what I wouldn’t give to see Anderson Cooper moderating over one of her debates on CNN. “Holly Madison, your opponent believes that offshore drilling requires stronger regulations; how do you respond to that? …I would like to take this time to remind Ms. Madison that shoving your opponents face in between your breasts, then shaking them back and forth while making motorboat noises does not constitute a rebuttal.”