Hey FilmFan – what did you watch this past weekend?

Hey FilmFan – what did you watch this past weekend?
June 27, 2011 TEAM POPBYTES
Cars 2 and Bad Teacher


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This past week there was a diverse offering at theaters but which movies are really worth the ticket price? Statistically speaking, The Green Lantern was this week’s most worthwhile film to see, over $52 million in ticket sales in its opening weekend alone, though if you’re not a diehard fan wanting to see your favorite hero in action, saving up and renting it on DVD in a few months may be more up your alley. Even those fanatic comic lovers are displeased, an event not all unprecedented, from the advent of the teaser trailer for the movie, critics and fans alike were quick to note an unenthusiastic response. Insiders paint a sordid tale of behind schedule special effects, which is a notable pillar of really any superhero flick, apparently work was far from finished even a few weeks before release! Now if I were at the helm such a project, I would make these marketable traits a priority, wouldn’t you?

Though financially a runaway hit, another disappointment on the big screen this weekend with Pixar’s Cars 2. The family-oriented sequel to the hugely successful Cars is only the second Pixar creation to warrant a sequel, sadly the subpar plot, underdeveloped characters, and lackluster graphics did not sit well with critics, including me. I was severely underwhelmed, though notable as “good enough” for a child audience, I’m just thankful that that was THE audience that director John Lasseter intended to milk.

The comedy genre was no exception for underwhelming fare this weekend, Bad Teacher and Bridesmaids were the two to look for apparently, but maybe you need to look somewhere else. Cameron Diaz takes a turn in her comedic origins, playing a filthy language tinged, hard drinking, pot smoking teacher whose just been dumped in aforementioned Bad Teacher. Though the film really tries, it does not succeed as a remarkable entry to the cannon of comedic brilliance. There are moments of true punch line glory, yet the pacing and editing completely undermine the effect. Bridesmaids without a full recap, may be worth seeing once, when it goes on sale at Blockbuster …

Unfortunately, bubbling just under the current of monetary hits, indie gold like The Tree of Life and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris should be given a try. Well, another week in the world of movies, you tell me what you think below in our comments section. What should we all be seeing and skipping at the movies?

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Cars 2 and Bad Teacher