Help control the dumb ass population; fix your idiots

Help control the dumb ass population; fix your idiots
August 23, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Because of fucking course they have one, Flesh-Coloured Pedo-Beard is shopping around a sex tape featuring his inflata-wife, Heidi Montag and one of the twins that was hob-knobbing Hugh Hefner‘s impotent, geriatric dong. Thankfully, they’re all handling this in the most dignified of ways…

“Promises you the Citizen Kane of sex tapes. Honestly, Orson Wells makes a guest appearance,” Spencer Pratt tweeted over the weekend. “Recommends you wait for the Special Edition Sex Tape. Blu-Ray, director’s commentary, & bloopers!”

[…] “@spencerpratt F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” [Heidi Montag] tweeted.

[…] “@spencerpratt FUCK YOU!!!!” [Karissa Shannon] tweeted. SOURCE

I’m sorry, did I say MOST dignified? I actually meant LEAST. On the plus side, I doubt this tape will ever be released, mostly because (A) It does not exist, and (B) these people are too stupid to sell a sex tape. The amount of brain cells between the three of them can’t even be divided by two.