hello sept 2005 :(

hello sept 2005 :(
September 1, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh – here we all are – hurricane katrina is still weighing heavy on us all – it is all so very shocking and sad – god help & bless those people – it’s been hard to get into the pop spirit – i have been looking forward to september as lots of things are coming down the pop pipeline but in the present moment – i’m just kinda bummed – i have never been to new orleans – but i can only imagine what a city it is – and i know the spirit of the people down there will save their city – and make it better than before…on friday night
NBC is hosting a
special relief concert to raise much needed funds…so be sure to check that out and give what you can…popbytes out for now – i know i will soon be back to my usual pop self – much love and hope for all…xxoo

PS finally some good news fats domino found OK in new orleans