Have We Learned Nothing From Paris Hilton?

Have We Learned Nothing From Paris Hilton?
December 29, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Because apparently having Paris Hilton inflicted upon society has taught us nothing except that herpes is incredibly unpleasant, Kim Kardashian is burning pretty fast through the Paris Playbook: She’s currently working on a music video for the first single off her upcoming album. Every part of that sentence made me lose faith in humanity.

Sources connected to the video tell us … Hype — the most famous music video director on the planet — spent hours working with Kim and Kanye during a secret closed set shoot.
As we previously reported, Kim is working on an entire studio album with super-producer The Dream — but it’s unclear when the world will finally get a chance to hear KK’s voice. SOURCE

On the plus side, Kim’s already worked her way through a critically panned movie where (Spoiler Alert!) she dies (the whore no one likes always dies). This means the only thing we have to look forward to is her going to jail for a few days then dropping off the face of the Earth. Super awesome! High-fives all around the room!