oh hey kids! its been a few days – dudes – i actually went to the movies last night (with my ultra cool brother david and his
cool friend morgan who drove down from santa cruz – they were both in town for a vacation – we had a blast) – and saw the new
harry potter the prisoner of azkaban – this was my first harry potter film – since alfonso curon was directing
– i felt i couldnt pass it up – altho a bit long coming in around 2 hrs 20 mins – it was great – from what i hear this
directors pass on the harry potter movies (im not a chris columbus fan, sorry) – and it sounds like its been the best
– i think i can handle another potter film – i sure hope alfonso has been signed on for that! me going to the movies was big
since i recently came out as a supreme tv junkie…

who wants to marry my dad? – tomorrow – 10pm – nbc – ok so
everyone i know is like totally against this – but im watching – creepy or not? new twists include a mole! and more hidden
cameras! come on there is not much on in the summer – so im hard up on a monday night – at least nbc airs their failures till
the end (unlike forever eden and playing it straight both were in hardcore promo rotation on fox – but did they
pull em without airing the end – yes – so who wants to marry my dad? on peacock nbc it is!

six feet under – i
made a few quick phone calls to make sure everyone had enough tissues for tonights depress fest – maybe this episode will
lighten up a bit – i still love the show but lets shake it up a bit folks! mena suvari (darling of alan ball) makes
her first appearance – enticing claire to join in ‘the love that dare not speak its name’ – gosh i love saying

simple life 2 – fuck you all who think they are obnoxious or lame – these gals are a hoot and a half – i LOVE
them – im so into em! one could even perhaps turn me straight! :) especially hot as hell – cool ass dresser – and rich as
fuck paris hilton

esther – dudes so madonna adopted her hebrew name – gal pal gillian (who may
fly in to join me for my courtney love concert in hollywood (dudes you know juliette lewis will be there – and
so will i) on july 23 – if shes out of rehab in time – shall be a great show!) mused she hadnt been so pissed since
prince did the whole symbol thing – but i pointed out at least that had business reasons – madonnas reasons are just
idiotic – seriously madge get a fucking grip – i dont think kabballah is bad or weird – but just calm yrself down – and keep
it to yrself…

2 week mark – LOPEZ con anthony – yes yesterday marked 2 full weeks! the countdown clock will remain
until i hate 365 and then give up (as per cathy) – so congrats j HO – shall i get guiness on the phone? whore whore whore! go
ahead sue me! get half of nothing! popbytes out!!!!!!!!

ps – check out my new shortcut icon! it only works on some browsers
– but see the cool p symbol! im so proud of myself! rock on!

ps promos started
running for THE WIFE SWAP coming this fall on ABC…