hanson – still doing their thing…

good morning – happy friday! hot on the heels of my ‘where has the time flown?’ post from last night – here’s another one making me feel the same way…those hanson boys are still making music – you must remember mmmbop which was also a huge (annoying) hit in ’97 – well they’ve got a new album out (lord only knows why) called the walk (released this past tuesday) but a lot has changed for the three brothers in ten years…they’re all married – plus oldest brother isaac and middle brother taylor (who is still the cutest one) both have kids! i was never a fan of their music and i doubt that’ll change anytime soon – below is a video featuring the band talking about their new album (they’re talking themselves way too seriously…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • Leeann

    well they’ve got a new album out (lord only knows why)
    Perhaps they’re still making music because they’re musicians, and that’s what musicians do.

  • sara

    They take themselves seriously because they’re passionate about what they do. You should take them seriously too. Otherwise you’re missing out on some damn good music.

  • Sammy

    It may just be me, but uh, this is kind of rude. Who cares if you’re not into their music (you can’t please everyone), but why be so disrespectful? They’ve been making music since MMMBop, they won’t ever stop until their incapable of doing it. They take themselves so seriously when it comes to their music because what would happen if they didn’t? They’d make shit music. They’re passionate about what they do, and they want to give those who do give a damn about them the best possible music.

  • Amber

    Actually, if you took the time to listen you might actually appreciate their music. They have moved on from MMMBop and developed as a band. Of course they take themselves seriously-It’s their LIFE. They are using their money to put these records out on their own w/out the help of a studio, for which I applaud them. They appreciate their fans and want to please us-It’s what a REAL band does. Your article was rude and ill-researched. Maybe next time you’ll take a moment to listen to the songs before criticizing something you know nothing about.

  • Bee

    their “annoying hit” made millions and they’re 3 talented individuals. you may not like them but that doesn’t mean you should disrespect them. they’re doing what they are passionate about whether they fail or succeed and you should applaud them for that.

  • Lucie

    nothing worse than musicians who take themselves too seriously…
    There’s nothing rude in this post, I think the owner of this site has the right to make a statement….

  • CC

    Wow. I am just bowled over by the passion and dedication you guys (the fans) have shown. It’s because of people like you all that Hanson is still around, and because of you that we get great music from them still. I am touched at the rapid and straightforward way that you guys rose to the occasion to defend our boys. Our boys. Because without us there is no them and without them there is no us. I applaud you brave posters, and encourage you to continue standing up for what you believe in. Hanson forever!
    To the author of this article: It saddens me that yours is the outweighing view on Hanson. I just don’t understand how people are continually diligent at turning a blind eye to the maturity, growth, and talent of this band. It is because of people like you that amazing music is being kept away from the public everyday (Hanson’s as well as tons of other artists). Music has sadly now become about image and flash. What’s more important now is the brand of clothing an artist wears, or who is behind them, or how many votes they get by telephone (supported by a telephone company sponsor, of course). Fans are now directed according to who their friends like, who marketers tell them to like, and who pays enough to get their emotionless music played enough times on the radio so that people end up liking it because of how many damn times they’ve heard it, rather than actually liking the music itself. It has, unfortunately, been this way for a very long time. And even more unfortunately, that it is at it’s peak right here in our generation. I pity the narrow-minded, bleak, and empty people who fall into the aforementioned categories. For our view may be the minority, but I can assure you, we are strong. We are powerful. And most importantly of all, we think and feel for ourselves. And we are fulfilled by our music (Hanson’s and otherwise) to an extent that the pitied can, and will never dream of. Because they, sadly, are incapable of such absurd things as dreams.
    *steps off soap box*

  • Missy

    I just got their new album and it is truly amazing! I cannot put it down!! I just saw them in concert in NYC Wed night and I’m seeing them this Tue in Toronto. I would recommend their new album to everyone because their new sound is great, very fun and enjoyable! :)

  • Spooge

    hate to admit it, as much as everyone likes to think of them as a one hit wonder, I’ve heard some of their more recent music and a lot of bands today could take a lesson from it. Great songwriters and performers with a (unfortunate) stigma attached to them because of that image from the mmm bop years

  • StraNGeLaD

    Is it true that they’re doing a follow up to mmm’bop? I understand it it’s called lube up and it’s about what they like doing to each other in all male showers.

  • nicole

    Cool video and great update. I had basically forgotten about Hanson and what a pity. The video was real and they were not displaying their glory moments but what it is to do what they do. Very cool to see that side. Unlike so many stars who are merely puppets and produce so much monotonous music- I am actually going to buy this cd.