halloween celebrity costume ideas!

halloween celebrity costume ideas!
October 25, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening my lovely pop friends – at least the middle of the week is almost behind us – phew! anyways this coming tuesday of course is halloween and my good pals over at AOL asked me to participate in a fun little celebrity costume feature!

so i had to pick a celebrity and come up with a few points for a costume if someone was to go and dress like them to head out trick or treatin’ – so i picked my old standby rag on gal… ms. denise richards! i don’t pick on a lot of people here on popbytes (i swear i need to do some nasty post on someone just to shock y’all – gosh maybe i should take a vote on who to trash!) for some reason denise is totally my favorite person to slam! i’m sure she’s a nice gal and all but she made it quite easy this year for us all to josh on her a bit! so my costume is the ‘pussycat’ getup – there’s twenty costumes in all! make sure to check out halloween costume ideas: sexy, silly, stylish…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS oh i just love my optional accessory for completing the whole ms. richards look…i think heather locklear would get a kick out of it!