HA! Bristol Palin lost!

HA! Bristol Palin lost!
November 24, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

The finale of Dancing With The Washed-Up Has-Beens was last night, and oh praised be little baby Jeebus, Jennifer Grey won instead of Bristol Palin. Does that mean Bristol will finally go away already? Pretty please? If your only claim to fame is fucking Levi Johnston and nearly winning a show because your Mom looks like Tina Fey, you fail at life.

Either way, Bristol has something to brag about if talk at the Palin dinner table turns toward vote-getting ability. Just like her mom, Sarah, and her campaign for the vice presidency two years ago, however, Bristol fell short at the end. She finished third to champion Jennifer Grey of “Dirty Dancing” fame during the ABC competition’s two-hour finale Tuesday. Runner-up was Disney Channel star Kyle Massey. SOURCE

And now we get a very brief respite from Bristol until her mother decides to run for office, despite not having actually worked in politics for years. My God people, we’re potentially looking at the world’s first famewhore-turned-president! I wonder who she’s going to pick as her running mate: Dina Lohan or Tila Tequila?