a thought provoking email that came by way of popbytes – really interesting stuff – and i think completely relevant as michael moore’s farenheit 9/11 hits theaters this weekend – here is my stance on moore – you need to take it with a grain of salt – as it always seems to lean to one-side – BUT – it is food for thought – and i hope this film inspires dialogue & discussion – and i praise him for doing something a lot of people wouldnt dare – i mean we are living in america last time i checked – as much as i dont hate bush – i think this is all a sign of him following in pop’s footsteps – looks like john kerry it very well could be – anyways if you havent seen moore’s other flicks including bowling for columbine which is a trip for sure – and really interesting – and i super highly recommend his brilliant roger & me the film focused on the trials and tribulations of flynt michigan – as ford closed auto plants and what became of flynt – this is a top ten film of mine – its just great! so popbytes out for now – and please do visit gunnerpalace.com

I’m an American filmmaker based in Berlin. I’ve spent the better part of
the last year in Baghdad shooting two films. The latest, Gunner Palace,
follows a troop of young American soldiers over the course of their
deployment. During that time, a number of them have been killed and
wounded. This is very much their movie–the war you haven’t seen on the
news. As a soldier says in the film, ‘For y’all this is just a show, but
we live in this movie.’

This week, our blog went online gunnerpalace.com. As we are
out of the major festival cycle, we decided to go ahead and post a few
clips from the film–scenes that we think are definitive not only of
what we have captured, but of the experience. In one scene a soldier
does a freestyle rap; in another, a young soldier plays a very electric
version of the Star Spangled Banner on the roof of Uday Hussein’s

I hope you’ll take a look. — Best, Mike Tucker Nomados – Berlin


i hope you all do too…