guess whose sexy belly this is…

guess whose sexy belly this is…
April 16, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! take a good look at the recently released image below and see if you can guess who the super sexy belly (complete with a studly happy trail) belongs to….


it’s mega-hottie david beckham in a brand new ad for motorola‘s latest advertising campaign for the new AURA mobile phone! although i did just get an iphone (which i love) this ad has me tempted to check out their new phone – too bad it didn’t come with mr. beckham himself! gosh he’s so damn hot – hands down the hottest guy on the entire planet – wife victoria beckham is one lucky lady! there’s also a video below and you can have a peek behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot here!

so tonight i’m heading downtown to finally catch britney spears on her circus tour (along with opening act pussycat dolls) i seriously can’t wait – i will make sure to twitter from the show! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

The final image, which uses cutting-edge post production techniques, shows Beckham in a different light. Framed by a red light that gives him an otherworldly aura, the evocative image depicts  an ethereal impression of Beckham’s ribs, muscles and arteries, as the phone glides across his body, like an x-ray exposing  him from the inside out.

The picture juxtaposes traditional and modern influences, finding its inspiration not only in renaissance art; fusing bold classical sculpture with precise anatomical sketches; but also modern themes such as mechanisation and robotics.

Taking its inspiration from luxury watch design and featuring Swiss-made bearings and over 200 individual components in a hand-sculpted body that takes over two weeks to craft,  much like David Beckham himself, AURA, is an icon of design perfection and inner beauty.

David Beckham comments: “I also love classic watches, so a phone that exposes its mechanics while also being so stylish is really unique. Motorola always seem to come up with something different, a concept that no one else has, and they’ve certainly done that again with AURA.”